Mahesh babu fans trolling director Tarun Bhaskar

Mahesh babu Fans Trolling Director Tarun Bhaskar
The young director Tarun Bhaskar has once again made his debut with a star hero. Earlier, he was met with fierce opposition from junior NTR fans over comments he made about the Janata Garage telephone. Tarak fans then troll Tarun on a large scale. But he didn’t care. Then Tarun accidentally made those remarks. But it’s a slightly different situation now. Intentionally counting on the commercial films of our star heroes, especially with the targeting of Mahesh Babu, The superstar fans are burnt out. A large number of tweets are targeting him. The trolling is on. What’s the
Recently, Tarun Bhaskar watched the Malayalam movie ‘Kappella’ and commented on it in an Instagram story.   He said that the movie will go in a slow-motion which has no fights. The hero will not shout in middle to say dialogues. a hero will not be seen in every 2nd minute. By the end of the day, the hero will not give any class on farmers, country. But, Malayalees call it as a movie.

This is a message posted by Tarun. Many of the Tollywood commercial films have their own counters. But in the last ten minutes, the farmers, the soldiers, the message that there is no message about the country, everyone is connected with Mahesh movies. Maharshi and Sarileru Neekevvaru. Mahesh Fans has targeted Tarun for putting up counters on their hero movies. Tarun responded to this. Counterfeiting with a social media post, he taunted those who troll him with fake IDs without identity.
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