S. Janaki Garu reacted strongly to the rumors!

Janaki reacted strongly to the rumors!

Social media has transformed the world into a hamlet. Social media is known to the masses at any moment in the world, regardless of the source. But as fast as Fake News is going viral. Because of this, some celebrities are facing difficulties. This mid-fake news has become so viral that people who are in perfect health suddenly become ill. The latest such Fake News premiere is that Legendary Singer S.Janaki no longer has. Her fans, who were shocked by this, fans are crying and making phone calls, Janaki was furious at the fake news coming on her.

I am currently in Mysore. I am a very healthy first class. There was nothing I could do. Someone is madly in the news. If you believe such news, nothing can be done. Many fans are Calling and crying. It was enough to comfort them. They are mad. They are rumored to be dead. I’m fine. You have to be alert to the fact that the corona is serious in Hyderabad itself. The alert message was sent to the fans to alert the audience. The audio has now gone viral on social media.

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