Payal Ghosh made shocking comments about NTR

Payal Ghosh made shocking comments about NTR

Recently, Bollywood’s young hero Sushant Singh Rajput has committed suicide after suffering from depression. Sushant’s cause for depression is the nepotism that is rooted in the Bollywood industry and the trolls are starting to troll the netizens. Some films have even protested that they should ban, Meanwhile, Uday Kiran also remembers the issue of Tollywood viewers as there is nepotism in Tollywood.

To this end, the star heroes are also criticized. In this sequence, some comments that NTR is also nepotism. The most reprehensible of them is Payal Ghosh. On this issue, she said, “People are continuously messaging me saying Tarak is also a product of nepotism and I support him, okay I must say you know nothing about #JrNTR the hardship he has gone through, so shut the fuck up”, Meera Chopra also supported NTR in the issue, as well as supporting his fans.

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