Director Hari Shocking comments on Tamil Nadu Police

director hari Shocking comments on tamil nadu police


There are a lot of directors who portray the police as a hero. But the Tamil director Hari made the police and superheroes by making a series of three in the name of Sami Singam. But with the recent Tamil Nadu incident, there have been rumors that he has made all the films on the police.

Jevaraj Fenix, a father, and Son died under suspicion in police custody in the town of Sathanulum in the Tuticorin district of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu has been severely disturbed. Criticism of the police line is growing.

Even film celebrities Rajinikanth Khushboo responded. The police were severely degraded. The government has also announced compensation for the families of the deceased and ordered an inquiry. Against this backdrop, the director of the film, Hari, who has been highlighting the police in Tamil, responded. It is reported that Hari has expressed regret over the police mistreatment of Tamil Nadu police. Hari said that the police were not so great.

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