Abhishek has abandoned many films for his daughter Aaradhya

Abhishek Bachchan has Abandoned Many Films for his daughter Aaradhya


Amitabh Bachchan’s successor Abhishek Bachchan is only 20 years old in the industry. It is on this occasion that he reveals the key twists and highlights of his career as a series titled When the Road to 20. It is also reported that many directors and producers have been disappointed to introduce him as a hero.

Eventually, JP Dutta recalled how he launched himself as a hero with Refugee. Meanwhile, Abhishek has now revealed another interesting point. He said that he had abandoned many films so that his daughter would not be embarrassed. Abhishek has no doubts about giving up movies for Aaradhya, the little girl. To this he replied. Abhishek has revealed that he has done many intimate scenes in the film and that he should not be embarrassed after seeing the idea of ​​Aaradhya. He said that he had not acted in such scenes in cinemas since his first birth eight years ago. Abhishek said that he would have to answer if Aaradhya had asked him what he had seen in the Romantic scenes with the heroine.

Abhishek said that when the directors met him for the role. He said that he could not do any such scenes. He had politely said that he would look for other alternatives.

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